What we do?

At Bethencourt, we define each project with the customer, we look honestly, simply and meticulously for the interior architecture that best fits. Always seeking this intimate connection between space, design and the person.

Why us?

Bethencourt offers safety, quality and guarantee from the project to the realisation of a full refurbishing in 360º, of the spaces and the decoration according to the needs, the tastes and the life style of the customer.

  • ORIGINAL ideas and CREATIVE solutions.
  • Totally PERSONALISED Projects.
  • Consulting, architecture and INTERIOR DESIGN.
  • WORK Management.
  • Furniture design and MANUFACTURE.
  • Architecture, graphic and high resolution of 3D RENDER.

We design your project and execute it so that you do not have to worry about anything, only enjoy it.

Why we do it better?

Because behind, there is very committed team to its work. Because Bethencourt's work is the development of creative solutions resulting from careful research and in-depth study of the context of each project. In this way, individual designs are developed to be fully integrated into their configurations, their characteristics and their aesthetic values. The Bethencourt research has repercussions on the selection of all materials, colors and finishes, involved in their configurations, as well as the design of integrated or personalised furniture. All this to ensure that each design is unique and in line with customer requirements.

Bethencourt proposes a 360° work, from complete reforms, to project, management and permits authorisations, where the customer no longer has to worry about anything. At the end of the work, the customer can enjoy his house already renovated, clean, furnished and decorated.